About us


My name is Katinka Pålsson. I was born in south of Sweden but now I´m living in the Stockholm area since 25 years.

I got my first cat in 2000, a white domestic cat who's name is Snöflinga. After a few years I wanted one more cat, definitely an Abyssinian. I had encountered 4 wonderful Abys when I visited my collegues one day. I got my Aby, S*Tsumari's Midori as a present to myself in 2003.

At a cat show in Stockholm I met Kirsi Vuori and her beautiful Somali cats. Kirsi is from Finland. In October 2006 I imported a Somali; FIN* Kisompa’s Daria, a wonderful lady who got her first litter in 2008.

Me and Daria as a kitten.